This World is Loco..

As a coco…nut.. Oh yes, what’s happening to the people of this planet? Everyone’s going absolutely mental. I’ll be honest and put it down to religion. I am not religious. Doesn’t mean I don’t have my gripes. Just read my other post about gear grinding. Difference with me is that I don’t riot in the streets and shoot people for putting the petrol prices on backwards.

Hmm, petrol.. Another reason this world is going crazy, oil fucking oil. America, the king of the world, just go in there, blow their heads off for piss farting around, take over the oil wells and that’ll be the end of it. Oh no, theres too much in it for you isn’t there. I understand, don’t worry though, I’ll keep forking out copious amounts of coin.

Take the recent riots in Canada for example. Yes thaaaat one, below.

Why did everyone get so fired up? Because their hockey team lost. Unbelievable. THEIR HOCKEY TEAM LOST. To a visiting team mind you, so they go and trash their own city? What the fuck? Get a grip you meatheads. I thought it was only soccer fuckwits that act like this, guess not.

I’ll wrap this post up before I get too angry by speaking of my own country. Beautiful Australia, nothing ever goes wrong here…

Update! It’s the 8th of July.. Our state government has planned to build a bigger and better stadium for football. I fail to see how this is a priority for WA. Do we really need another stadium. We already have 2 that are more than capable to host games.

They want to spend so many millions, which you know will blow out to so many more. Wouldn’t this money be better off being put back into the real people of Perth? Subsidize petrol or something? Help out with other rising utilities costs?

This story was on the back of one about how Perth is more expensive than New York or Paris. Haven’t been to New York, but I can vouch for Paris that it is pretty pricey there. Never paid 8 euros for a coke in a restaurant in Perth! Yep, 8 (eight) euros!

So if it’s so expensive here, how about helping out a little bit with all that money we give to you eh?


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