Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From?

This post will showcase the many reasons why I think Arrested Development was the best television series to ever be created.. and subsequently cancelled, or not.

First of all, watch the intro to this masterpiece so you have some idea of who people are and I will try fill in the rest as best I can.

In order of named appearance:

Michael Bluth …(Jason Bateman)
Lindsay Funke …(Portia de Rossi)
Gob (George Oscar Bluth) Bluth …(Will Arnett)
George Michael Bluth …(Michael Cera)
Maeby Funke …(Alia Shawkat)
Buster Bluth …(Tony Hale)
Tobias Funke …(David Cross)
George Bluth …(Jeffrey Tambor)
Lucille Bluth …(Jessica Walter)

A brief outline of the plot is as follows.

The Bluth’s are a once wealthy family, made possible by ‘The Bluth Company’ (the company), founded by George Bluth. This comes crumbling down due to the spending of company money by George and building houses in Iraq for Saddam Hussein’s regime (known later in the show as ‘light treason’).

George is sent to prison while under investigation and Michael takes control of the company in order to keep it afloat. Due to his lazy siblings, unloving mother and generally a dysfunctional family structure, this becomes quite a chore.

Plenty of hilarity ensues. Now if it weren’t for the brilliant writing of Mitch Hurwitz, among others, this show may not have even had a look in, considering the relatively poor ratings once it had aired.

Henry Winkler summed up the show well in one interview in just a few words, “A joke on a joke on a joke on a joke”.. Exactly. You really have to watch to be able to fully get what this show is about. I suggest you do.

Two jokes that stick out to me are the Tony Hale ‘Mr Roboto’ hook-in-the-dashboard one and the Henry Winkler ‘jumps the shark’ one.

First one first, so Tony Hale plays Buster, in later episodes a loose seal (which he mistakenly hears as ‘Lucille’) bites his hand off and consequently is issued with a hook as a replacement. He’s sitting in the family’s staircar singing and dancing along to the ‘Mr Roboto’ song.. “Domo origato Mr Roboto”… see below…

Many moons ago, Tony Hale appeared in a VW commercial… see below…

So it’s funny on face value, but if you get the method behind the madness, it’s bloody brilliant.

So the Henry Winkler jumping the shark joke. See below…

First time I saw this I didn’t really know what relevance it had because I’d never really watched Happy Days (I’m 25). This is where the original comes from, albeit slightly differently, but still a jump… see below…

Fan-frickin-tastic. Oh yeah and the person driving the boat (Ron Howard), is Arrested Development’s narrator. All ties up in a nice neat package don’t it?


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