I like to drink. I like to drink quite a lot. <- take that last sentence however you like. You could think I was measuring my happiness about drinking, or that I was quantifying how much i actually liked to drink.. In litres, or pints, or whatever. In fact, I'm drinking right now. So nerr.

I work what is commonly referred to as 'the weekend' and have Monday and Tuesday 'off'. I still do Coles on those mornings. Which somewhat prevents me getting my drink on with friends that conform to the real weekend. Not like they drink much anyway, coz they are very body (builder) conscious now. But that's cool. Sometimes I wish I had that frame of mind.

Coming into the southern hemispheres summer, the beer starts to taste better, so why wouldn't I drink? No real reason really. Just don't. Hrrrm, interesting blog post. I've talked myself into drinking then talked my way out of it again.

I used to smoke a bit. Not tobacco. The whacky of tabacchi's. I must pass medicals now and any DAMP checks that come along. Work has made me healthier I guess. Thank you aviation.

New years is my weakness I suppose. We're all gonna get royally fucked.. up. Fucked up as a me on Christmas '07. I was so very, very trashed. I certainly put in a show for my extended family. I would have been part of my wife's family for 2.5 years at this point and this is when I unintentionally modelled the effects of excess alcohol consumption on the human body after it has been soaking in a pool for 3 hours.

I don't think I've ever been more wrecked. It seemed as though because I was in a swimming pool, all the alcohol had been distributed between me and the pool water. But as I left the pool, that alcohol instantly found its way back to destroying my motor skills.

I still hear about 'that time at your place for Christmas' and how awesome it was. I didn't feel awesome. In fact I went to sleep at about 6pm only to be called into work on boxing day to help clean up the mess that a busted water main made in the Coles store I was working at.

You know how you always regret drinking last night? Even if it was only a little bit? Are you crossing your head saying no? Yeah, me too..